Tree ripened and never packed ‘green’; Nitta peaches have earned a reputation for their amazing sweet taste. The sensory delights begin as soon as you hold the lightly felted globe in your hand. The delicate skin is highly blushed, reflecting the promise of a summer day: ruby red, rich ocher and sulfur yellow. Hold it to you nose and draw in the heavy aroma; distinctive as the bouquet of the finest wine. As you crunch into the succulent fruit, the firm flesh feels slippery smooth. Suddenly the taste explodes upon your tongue, sweet as nectar, rich and delicious! Nothing in the grocery stores can compare.

Our Regina peach harvest usually begins mid June and continues through early July. We will continue to offer them by the box or pound at the property’s farm stand. We only have a limited supply of these summer beauties, sign up on our mailing list so we can let you know when we are ready to take orders. Follow the orchard’s progress on our blog, Facebook (Nitta Ranch), or Instagram (@nittaranch).

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