About Nitta Ranch


Welcome to the Nitta Ranch, family-owned and operated since 1918. We are located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Loomis, California and specialize in growing the highest quality ‘Mountain Grown’ fruit- peaches, plums and Asian pears.

While Loomis may not be actually in the mountains, ‘Mountain Grown’ refers to the ideal growing conditions we have here to produce the tastiest fruit- cool nights, hot days and soil rich in minerals.

We are now also growing blueberries, strawberries and a wide assortment of vegetables including a number of Asian varieties.

Because we care deeply for our land and trees and are committed to growing the healthiest, most delicious produce possible, we use only sustainable farming practices. We are convinced these old fashioned methods of caring for the soil and working in harmony with nature will ensure us all a healthy future.

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