2020 Farm Stand Opening

FARM STAND OPENS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2020!! Nitta Ranch is very excited to announce that the Farm Stand will officially be open for business this Wednesday, June 24, and we have a great crop of peaches and other produce!

The Important Stuff:
PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK EITHER OUR WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, OR INSTAGRAM BEFORE HEADING TO THE FARM. We have  a lot of peaches, but, depending on the crowds, we may sell out each day before we close. So, please always check our website, Facebook, or Instagram before you head out to make sure we still have peaches. We will NOT be sending out emails every time we sell out or have to change the schedule, so checking our website or social media is the ONLY WAY to know if we are still open.
PEACH LIMITS: This year, during the first few days we are open when customer demand is really high, we will be limiting the amount of peaches you can buy to one 5 pound bag, approximately ½ of one of our lug boxes. We want to let as many customers as possible purchase fruit. Come back and get more. We will be open as long as we have ripe fruit to pick.

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (or until we sell out!)
We may close some days in order to let the fruit ripen. All closures will be announced on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.
For your convenience, we accept credit cards

Last year, we tried out a number system to make it easier for customers to know if they would get peaches when we are busy. It worked pretty well, so we are doing it again (with even more numbers this time). During busy periods, you will be given a number when you arrive at the Ranch. If you have a number, you get peaches (period). This means, instead of waiting in line while other customers get their fruit, you can relax and enjoy the Ranch until your number is called. We hope this will make your visit more enjoyable, and relieve any frustration for customers who come all the way, wait in line, and then go home empty handed. 

As much as we are excited to see you all again this year, we sincerely want you to know we have put much effort into ensuring you have a safe visit to our farm.
We are following the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s guidelines regarding farm stand sales.
We have changed the layout of the farm stand to allow you to maintain the recommended 6’ spacing. 
We have eliminated the sampling.
We will be doing all of the bagging of produce for you.
We have added a hand washing station for you to use.We will be cleaning the tabletops, payment devices and other surfaces regularly.
We will be wearing masks for your protection.

Remember: Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great way to help you stay healthy.

Besides peaches, we will also have the following produce and products available for purchase:
Nitta Ranch honey
squash and zucchini
tomatoes (limited quantities)
rainbow popcorn on the cob
infused oils
Colwell’s Thundering Herd olive oils, chocolate sauces, and other products

(P.S. Please, please, please do not forget to check our website (https://nittaranch.com/), Facebook, or Instagram before heading out – we will not be sending emails throughout the harvest).