Peaches Update & Ranch News

We are happy to announce that we have a wonderful peach crop this year. We anticipate opening the farm stand toward the end of June, so please keep an eye out for future newsletters with the exact date. We are sending a limited number of newsletters this year – we want to keep you inboxes as clear as possible! If you would like to be on our email list, please click on the “email list” link on our homepage. For those of you that use social media, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@nittaranch), for more updates and fun news from the Ranch.

We are sorry if we missed you last year or if you were not able to come out and get peaches. 2018 was a tough year for Nitta Ranch. We had a very small crop of peaches due to rain during the blooming season and poor pollination. We also learned, the hard way, that our emails were not reaching all of our customers, so a lot of you never heard that we were open. We learned a lot from 2018 and hope to have a much improved 2019!

We have made a number of improvements that will hopefully make the Ranch run more smoothly:

  • We are using a new email newsletter service to improve communication with our customers.
  • We have added another member of the family to our team: Kate Nitta has taken over all of our marketing and social media management, and she is excited to be a part of the family legacy.
  • We have increased the size of the orchard and developed a tree replacement plan. We purchased 60 bare root trees from Fowlers Nursery in Newcastle, CA. Fowlers has supplied Nitta Ranch with its peach trees longer than any of us can remember. We are continuing to replace our older trees with vigorous youngsters. The trees we planted three years ago are bearing their first crop this year!

We also have some exciting new developments at the farm stand. We are thrilled to announce another family member who will be joining us this year: Jeremiah Duarte Bills will be offering his amazing peach desserts. You may recognize Jeremiah from ABC’s The Great American Baking Show, where he was a quarter-finalist. Jeremiah is also the co-founder of the baking podcast, Flour Hour. He is currently writing a book dedicated to the desserts of Portugal. You don’t want to miss his delectable creations, so stay tuned to future newsletters for more information, and check out his website: addition to our usual offerings of peaches, plums, honey, and dried lavender, new to the farm stand this year is popcorn on the cob! It’s organic and makes a healthy snack or fun, beautiful gift. Wait until you see all the colors we have!

We are also going to continue to sell Colwell Thundering Herd Ranch olive oil and other products, so be prepared to stock up!