Peaches are temporarily out of stock. NOOOOOO!!!

…..But more are coming!

We picked all the ripe peaches this morning and due to overwhelming response, will are sold out. We should have more ripe by Sunday, July 8. So for Friday and Saturday we will only have plums, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but they are very slow ripening this year. Please don’t hesitate to call or message us for the latest update: 916-768-8167

–Mark, Jennie, Ian

Spring 2012

Spring Updates

We have been working very hard this spring- making changes to the layout of the farm, tending the peaches, getting the soil in the new orchard area improved, planting spring veggies, getting out into the community… The peaches are growing bigger everyday. We still can’t quite predict if it will be an early harvest again this year. We can predict that we WILL have tomatoes and squash available this year at the farm stand along with the peaches and plums.

The crop is light this year but growing nicely.


Winter activities

Who says winter on a farm is not busy!!?? For us, it seems to be nearly as busy as summer. Once again the list was longer than we had time for. We ordered and started seed, pruned, mulched and composted the trees, built and rearranged things, did a lot of planning and much more. There was one thing in particular we did this winter that will have a huge impact on the farm. We took a Farm Business Class through the UC Cooperative Extension. It was a lot of work and sometimes showed us some cruel facts but gave us the tools to make a plan that will help us achieve our goals. Our thanks go out to all our teachers and classmates, we learned so much from all of you!