Our Mission

For us, continuing the orchard is a selfish act. Life just wouldn’t be the same without the most delicious homemade peach ice cream, cobbler and jam, giant bowls of freshly cut peaches on a hot afternoon, peach granitas, dried fruit all winter and the best of all- eating the fruit right off the tree. Our family, friends and community have grown to rely on having fruit from our orchard every summer.

We also feel we owe the previous generations of our family to keep their hard work and dreams alive. We have an opportunity to build upon all they have provided us and continue the tradition of fruit farming on the family ranch in Loomis. We feel their presence with us every day on the ranch.

We all enjoy working with our hands, especially outside and in the dirt. We pride ourselves in being as self reliant as possible in this high tech day and age, and what could be more so than producing the very food we eat? To be in touch with the sun, the seasons, the wind and the weather and especially the very soil that nourishes us, provides such purpose and meaning to our lives. It’s extremely satisfying to see our crops thriving in our carefully tended soil and then later to share our harvest with others.

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